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We create beautiful films that are designed to last. Your family’s video time capsule will be preserved in web format and on an elegant archival USB.

The person telling their stories will be interviewed by a family member of their choosing. Before the day of filming we will provide you with our recommended questions based on your personal interests. We will give you guidance on what to prepare and what you might want to wear.

On the day of filming the equipment will be quietly setup in a place of your choosing. We create a calm space and provide a printed list of our recommended questions to your interviewer of choice.

After the interview session we prepare the video, along with any extras you may have decided to add, and send to you:

1. A private, yet shareable web link with the final video

2. A short clip of the interview that can be easily shared on social media

3. A mailed package including an archival crystal and chrome USB with the recorded session, a photo of the participants, and a beautiful USB storage case.

What We Do

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